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The “Golden Bridge in Vietnam” has become a new key search word on the Internet.

full golden bridge
Full Golden Bridge

What new in Danang – Vietnam?

The masterpiece Golden Bridge – Da Nang on the top of Ba Na Hills has just been launched, which made the international press constantly praised. With extremely impressive design, two large mossy hands reach out from the mountain to grab the golden silk suspended in the sky, this masterpiece is also referred to as the Hands Bridge – one of the most beautiful places not to be missed when traveling to Da Nang.

Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge was built in less than a year and was opened in June 2018. In just a short time, Golden Bridge | Ba Na Hills tours has attracted thousands of visitors, and has become a viral phenomenon on social networks. Chief Designer – Mr. Vu Viet Anh, of TA Landscape Architecture, said he was very proud when the image of this project was shared and supported by visitors from around the world.

The length of the bridge is 148.6 meters and is located at an altitude of about 1400 meters, The Golden Bridge has created a walkway in mid-air, in the middle of a misty frame like the fairy scene of Ba Na mountain.. Standing in the position of mossy hands, visitors can see the primeval forests stretching headline, far away is the panoramic view of the beautiful city of Danang.

Sun World Ba Na Hills has been a key tourist destination of Da Nang, attracting tourists with a series of unique events and constructions such as Ba Na cable car, French village, love flower garden, wax museum. However, thanks to the special attention of popular newspapers in the world, the birth of this masterpiece will contribute to boosting the tourism of not only the coastal city but also Vietnam.

On July 14, designer Long Kan also launched the Fashion Collection in Fashion Voyage – A Walk To The Sky and choose this Bridge Sun World Ba Na Hills masterpiece as an impressive catwalk with the presence of famous faces in the Vietnamese fashion.

golden bridge
Golden bridge in Ba na hills

What to expect at Golden Bridge | Ba Na Hills?

The cable car takes around twenty minutes from the bottom station -Hoi An Station to the middle of Ba Na Hills – the Marseille station, offering spectacular views of Da Nang’s coastline and surrounding mountains as you ascend on the world’s longest cable car.

When you reach there you’ll be greeted with the site of the mossy, giant hands holding up the famed Hands Bridge Vietnam.

The Golden Bridge Da Nang was designed to evoke the image of God of Mountain’s hands pulling a strip of gold out of the land. Each person has an idea, some say this is the hands of the Buddha, others say the Hands of God.

Due to its popularity, the Hands Bridge Ba Na Hills is full of visitors, every day is the samet. However, you will still get to enjoy uninterrupted panoramic views of the landscapes below.

If you get to Ba Na Hills as soon as it opens at 7:30am you might get lucky to take some photos without the crowds. Also, hang around till 4:00pm and you might have the same luck!

Travel tip: Depart early in the morning to avoid the crowds.

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drone shoot
Golden bridge with drone shoot

GOLDEN BRIDGE impresses with the international media

On August 1, BBC News published a short clip from above that showed the panorama of the Golden Bridge with the comment: “What would it be like to imagine the walk through the gods’ hands?” The clip of this news agency introduces Golden Bridge as the most attractive tourist destination in Danang at the present time. The British news agency also emphasized the unique design of the “hand” with limestone structure that made it appear to have existed for centuries, but in fact was built from wire mesh and fiberglass. fine.
Besides, The Guardian again ranked Golden Bridge at the top of the list of the world’s most prominent walking bridges. The Guardian commented: “Golden Bridge has a unique architecture as a strange flow that its design itself has a different part to reach the landscape level, not just a simple project.”
Golden Hands Bridge was also mentioned in a post by Reuters, issued on August 1. Prestigious news firm for the Golden Bridge’s architecture “like the hands of God lift a thread of eagle on the top of the mountain”. Reuters published a series of panoramic images of the bridge with visitors eagerly posing for photographs and evaluating this as a work of the century. Meanwhile, CNN news agency mentioned the purple daisies (Lobelia daisies) grown along the aisles on the bridge, considering it an indispensable part for Golden Bridge to become a unique landscape. CNN also provides information, Ba Na Hills is a mountain side resort founded in 1919, near Da Nang city. This area currently owns Fantasy parks and a village that simulates French architecture and culture with beautiful cobbled streets.
Prestigious news firms in the world such as Fox News (USA), India Times (India) or Business Insider (USA), SCMP (Hong Kong) … also give praise to the Bridge in Da Nang. .

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