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Hue Imperial City | Hue Citadel

Hue Imperial City is the most famous attractive destination that you must go and must see when you have the opportunity to visit Hue. Hue Citadel is the administrative center where the Nguyen Dynasty made of a large complex with unique and ancient architectural works.

Hue Citadel
Hue Citadel

Visiting Hue Imperial City, you can admire the moats, intricately carved structures, royal palaces and a series of fascinating museums within the royal grounds. If you are interested, do not forget to experience the most detailed tour of Hue Citadel that MyVietTrip will share below.


Hue Imperial City, also known as Hoang Thanh Hue, is located on the north bank of the poetic Huong River, Phu Hau Ward, Hue City. This work is the second wall within the Hue Cicadel, with the function of protecting the most important palaces of the royal family – the place reserved for Kings and royal family. People often call the Imperial City and the Forbidden Purple City  or the Great Citadel.

Hue Imperial City
Where is Hue Imperial City?

This is a unique ancient architectural work with the largest scale in Vietnamese history. Hue Imperial City was built in 1804 but it was not until 30 years later (1833 – Emperor Minh Mang’s reign) that it was completed with about 147 constructions totally.

The Meridian gates of Hue Imperial city

At Hue Imperial City, you will discover hundreds of royal residences, magnificent palaces… which were elaborately decorated. The magnificent and unique ancient architecture will surely make you interested in the journey to Hue Citadel.


aerial photo
Aerial photo of Hue Imperial city

Hue Imperial City ticket price applies for both domestic and international tourists:

Vietnamese Adults: 150,000VND/person
Children 6-12 years: 30,000VND/person
Foreigners Adults: 200,000VND/person
Children 6-12 years: 40,000VND/person


Meridian Gate (Ngọ Môn/Noon Gate)

The Meridian Gate (Vietnamese: Ngọ Môn, Chinese character: 午門), also known as the South Gate, is the main gate to the Hue Imperial City, Huế, located within the citadel of Huế.
Constructed in 1833 in the traditional Vietnamese Nguyen style.
The upper level consists of the “Five-Phoenix Pavilion” (Lầu Ngũ Phụng). The ground level has five entrances totally 5 entrances.
The middle entrance is Ngo Mon, only for the Emperor. The two side entrances are Ta Giap Mon (Left) and Huu Giap Mon (Right), reserved for the Civil mandarins (ministers) and the Military mandarins.
The two outermost paths are located in the U-shaped wings of Ta Dich Mon and Huu Dich Mon, reserved for soldiers and horses, elephants.

Forbidden Purple City

The Forbidden Purple City is exclusive for the emperor and his family, daily life, work and enjoy surrounded by many palaces such as Duyet Thi Duong Royal Theater, Can Chanh Residence, Can Thanh Palace, Kien Trung Pavillion and Khon Thai Residence.

Celebration Area/Outer Court

Including Ngọ Môn Gate (Meridian Gate) to Thái Hòa Palace (Supreme Harmony Palace), where is a yard called Salutation Court where all mandarins stood in the Grand Audience ceremony held two times a month.

Temples and Places of worship

Located in the front along both sides of the Imperial City, the place of worshiping the Nguyen Dynasty included Thế Miếu Temple, Hưng Miếu Temple, Triệu Miếu Temple, Thái Miếu Temple.

Diên Thọ Residence, Trường Sanh Residence

This is the area for grandmother and mother of Nguyen Kings, including Truong Sanh palace system for the Empress Dowager and Dien Tho palace for the Empress Dowager, in addition to Phụng Tiên Palace for women to attend because they are not allowed to enter Thế Miếu Temple.

Cơ Hạ Garden and Thiệu Phương Garden, Royal Library

Places to study, play and listen to the erudite ministers explain the scriptures to the princes of the Thieu Tri and Tu Duc king reign.


route map
Route map of Hue Imperial citadel

Plan of Great Enclosure, Hue, Vietnam.

1. Meridian Gate (Ngọ Môn)
2. Thái Dịch Lake (Hồ Thái Dịch)
3. Trung Đạo Bridge (Cầu Trung Đạo)
4. Esplanade of Great Salutation (Sân Đại Triều)
5. Hall of Supreme Harmony (Điện Thái Hoà)
6. Main Gate of Forbidden Purple City (Đại Cung môn)
7. Left House, Right House (Tả vu, Hữu vu)
8. King’s Official Working Place (Điện Cần Chánh)
8a. (Điện Võ Hiển) 8b. (Điện Văn Minh)
9a. (Điện Trinh Minh) 9b. (Điện Quang Minh)
10. King’s Residence (Điện Càn Thành)
11. Queen’s Residence (Điện Khôn Thái)
11a. (Viện Thuận Huy) 11b. (Viện Dưỡng Tâm)
12. Kiến Trung Pavillion (Lầu Kiến Trung)
13. Royal Reading Pavillion (Thái Bình Lâu)
14. Royal Park (Vườn Ngự Uyển)
15. Cơ Hạ Park (Vườn Cơ Hạ)
16. Interior Treasury (Phủ Nội Vụ)
17. Triệu Temple (Triệu Miếu)18. Thái Temple (Thái Miếu)
19. Grand Queen Mother’s Residence (Cung Trường Sanh)
20. Queen Mother’s Residence (Cung Diên Thọ)
21. Phụng Tiên Temple (Điện Phụng Tiên)
22. Hưng Temple (Hưng Miếu)
23. Thế Temple (Thế Miếu)
24. Nine Dynastic Urns (Cửu Đỉnh)
25. Hiển Lâm Pavillion (Hiển Lâm Các)
26. Hiển Nhơn Gate (Cửa Hiển Nhơn)
27. Hoà Bình Gate (Cửa Hoà Bình)
28. Chương Đức Gate (Cửa Chương Đức)
29. Royal Office (Ngự Tiền Văn phòng)
30. Harem (Lục Viện)
31. Minh Thận Temple (Điện Minh Thận)
32. Royal Theater (Duyệt Thị Đường)
33. Royal Kitchen (Thượng Thiện)
34. Royal Medical (Ngự Y Viện)


In order to help tourists can “visit Hue Imperial City” easily, conveniently and save time and money. Below, MyVietTrip would like to share some of the most detailed and useful “Hue travel experiences” for you.

Couples Trip
Couples Trip to Hue City

How to Go to Hue Citadel

Hue Imperial City is located in Hue Citadel, Hue city center.

From Hanoi/Ho Chi Minh City

You can travel with many vehicles such as airplane, train, sleeping-bus.

From Danang

You can take a daily bus, public bus or also a daily tour from Danang. There is railway between Hue city and Danang city also.

The best time for visiting Hue

The most pleasant weather in Hue is from January to February, this is the most suitable time to visit the historical sites, Hue Imperial city as well as the tombs of the Nguyen Dynasty. And in April or June of even years, Hue Festival will be taken place with many traditional Hue cultural activities.

How long for a trip to Hue Imperial City

The Imperial Citadel is very large, you need half day or a full day to explore the works of the Imperial Palaces. The best choice for you is having a local tour guide who can help you to save you time and admire the best parts of Hue imperial city.

Hue City
Hue City – See you again

Above are all the “experiences of visiting Hue Imperial City” that MyVietTrip wants to share with everyone. Hopefully this information will make your trip to Hue more interesting and more enjoyable.
And if you are interested in quality, prestigious Da Nang – Hue – Hoi An tours, don’t forget to contact Mr Phuoc immediately.

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