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Along Central Vietnam, we did not forget the ancient Champa temples scattered on the central strip of land. There is a tower lying on the hills, there is a tower right along the highway, there is another tower hidden in the valley … Champa Temples ComplexIn fact, they always had a cluster, a complete whole […]
Cham Islands (Cù Lao Chàm) – Cham Islands Marine Protected Area is located in Tan Hiep commune, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province, more than 15 km from Cua Dai port. It consists of 8 islands: Hòn Lao, Hòn Dài, Hòn Mồ, Khô Mẹ, Khô Con, Hòn Lá, Hòn Tai, Hòn Ong. Many visitors after […]
Apsara Dances
Located about 50 km from Da Nang city, in  Quang Nam province, My Son Sanctuary appears with an architectural complex of many Champa temples and unique architecture. Forgotten for centuries, it was not discovered until 1885. In 1999 it was selected by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage as the only evidence of Asian civilization […]
Couples Trip
Hue Imperial City is the most famous attractive destination that you must go and must see when you have the opportunity to visit Hue. Hue Citadel is the administrative center where the Nguyen Dynasty made of a large complex with unique and ancient architectural works. Visiting Hue Imperial City, you can admire the moats, intricately […]
Hoi An Old Town
Prominent in the Central Vietnam Heritage Journey, Hoi An Ancient Town as a rustic, simple and poetic picture. Whether it is day or night, the ancient town of Hoi An still has different fascinating charms. In addition to cultural values through diverse architectures, Hoi An also maintains a intangible cultural background. Daily life of local […]
Golden Bridge 2020
Ba Na Hills is an attractive tourist destination of Da Nang city. For a long time, this “hill” was considered a “trump card”, attracting thousands of tourists to Danang every year. If you are planning to Ba Na Hills mountain resort, please refer to the following Ba Na Hills Travel Guide – where I will […]

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